June 7, 2021

Asian Makeup Tutorials | Get the best look for your skin

We all enjoy trying out some new makeup or skincare products, but it’s best to get items tailored to your skin type.

Just like picking a new hairstyle, or pair of glasses, you need to consider what looks best on you personally. For those of Asian decent, getting the best makeup look relies on picking techniques that work best with your skin tone, face shape and skin type. Here are some of the best Asian Makeup Tutorials on Youtube, to help you get the best look.

Erna Limdaugh - Everyday Korean Makeup Tutorial

Erna creates some really lovely videos, but her Everyday Look video is super helpful. As an Indonesian-Chinese expat living in Seoul, South Korea, Erna provides some actionable and helpful tips on makeup techniques and routines.

In this video she goes through every single step that she follows each morning for her usual makeup routine, including all the products and how to apply them. If she loves a certain eyeshadow pallet, she’ll even let you know which shade is her favourite, so you can completely recreate her look.

If you’re interested in upgrading your current makeup routine, or start from scratch, this is a great Asian makeup tutorial.

Christy Pham - My Everyday Makeup Routine

Need more everyday makeup inspiration? Christy Pham has got you covered. Her Everyday Makeup Routine video is really down to Earth and honest. She shows all the steps she normally follows and how best to use makeup for Asian eyes. She even mentioned her own insecurities and how best to reduce those with makeup.

The end look is incredible, but also completely possible to recreate yourself.

She also talks a lot about how there are so many “rules” to makeup lately, and encourages viewers to try out different techniques that suit them - you don’t have to follow what everyone else says. “There’s no rules to makeup, do whatever you want!”

Jessica Vu - Must-Know Tips: Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Asian Eyes

Jessica Vu is a big name in the makeup world, and for good reason. One of her many videos focuses on how to create sharp winged eyeliner specially for those with flat tapered hooded eyes. This is hugely helpful for a massive community of makeup enthusiasts who have hooded Asian eyes just like Jessica.

Her steps are super easy to follow and provides all the tips you need to get the perfect winged eyeliner. She even goes through types of eyeliners you should avoid and some of her favourite products.

Never stress about your eye makeup again when you have Jessica’s must-know tips!

Tina Yong - Smokey Eye Makeup for Hooded or Asian Eyes

Now that you’ve got the technique for perfect winged eyeliner, what about smokey eye makeup for hooded eyes? Tina Yong, one of the biggest names on Youtube for makeup, skincare and Asian beauty, has a really helpful video on how to achieve the best smokey eye for Asian eyes.

While going through all the steps, she provides really helpful advice such as picking matte eyeshadows to best suit hooded eyes. She even talks about the science of why you apply the makeup a certain way and how to create depth with your eyeshadow.

Overall, Tina is the go-to Youtuber for all your makeup and skincare questions.

Wengie - Beginners Bigger Eyes Tutorial for Hooded or Asian Eyes

Want to create a bigger eye look, but on a budget? Wengie knows exactly how to do that! Her Beginners Bigger Eyes Tutorial is super easy to follow, plus it’s effective for hooded or Asian eyes. She goes through each step and shares all the products she loves to use. She even shares tips like how using your fingers for some of the products help them blend even better into your skin.

The best part? She uses regular drugstore products that are easily accessible and affordable. Forget spending tons and tons of money on makeup products, when you can recreate this look on the cheap!

If you want to try getting a bigger eye look even more, Wengie talks about using circle eye lenses, which make your pupil and iris look larger.

Never worry about eye makeup again!

The PatMac - Everyday Make Up Tutorial for Asian Skin (Filipino)

Patricia of The PatMac brings a really unique style to everyday makeup and shows how best to create an everyday look with Asian skin (Filipino to be exact).

The look she goes through is really simple, straightforward and easy to follow. Perfect for casual days when you want something, but not too much. You’ll even see a cameo of her sweet Grandma in the video!

Her skills with makeup (especially eyeliner) are incredible.

Overall, this is a great video to learn how to best use makeup with Asian skin, especially for Filipino skin!

MONGABONG - Asian Cut Crease Glitter Eyeshadow

We’ve covered daily makeup routines, winged eyeliner and a smokey eye for Asian eyes, but about glitter eyeshadow for hooded eyes? Mongchin shows exactly how to use glitter eyeshadow for those with hooded eyes. Originally from Singapore, Mongchin knows how to properly use glitter eyeshadow and create a defined cut crease while still creating a look that is easily recreatable for viewers.

Next time you want a funky and glittery look, this is the best place to start.

Asian Makeup Tutorials

No matter what type of makeup style you prefer, there are thousands of hours of tutorials online to help you out. From everyday routines, to date-night smokey eyes, there are so many different techniques and looks to try out. These are some of our personal favourites when working with Asian skin, from some of the best Youtubers online.

Have a favourite we’ve missed? Let us know!

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