June 7, 2021

The 17 Best Asian Beauty Youtubers

With hours of videos uploaded to Youtube every second, and dozens of skincare products launching every week, we have a tough time keeping up with it all. So to make things a little easier for ourselves, we compiled a list of 17 of our favourite beauty YouTubers we rely on for tips, tricks, and inspiration.

If you’re looking for creative and talented Asian Beauty Youtubers, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner when it comes to Asian makeup and skin routines, these Youtubers give you the tips and techniques you need to take your make-up to the next level. Here are the 17 best Asian Beauty Youtubers, starting with #1

Tina Yong

Makeup by Tina Yong

If you’re looking for amazing makeup tutorials, look no further! As a Australian-Vietnamese Beauty content creator, Tina has loads of great videos on both professional makeup artist tutorials and 5-minute makeup tips. She also runs a wildly popular playlist “Tina Tries It” where Tina dives into new makeup and beauty products. 

Edward Avila

Edward Avila — MrPanda101

Edward’s Youtube channel is chock full of “Get Ready With Me” videos and makeup and skincare reviews. Ever wondered about that new lipstick? Edward has probably already reviewed it.

Morgan Alison Stewart


Morgan from TheBeautyBreakdown brings her incredibly sweet personality into all of her videos! She has lots of content around Korean skincare, makeup and beauty trends, not to mention videos on travel, Kpop and product reviews.

Moli Lin

Molita Lin

Moli shares her family, favourite beauty techniques and her fashion favourites with her audience. She had some great videos on local Indonesian makeup tutorials, including one done solely with local brands. You’ll find some great insight into Indonesian beauty trends here!

Liah Yoo


Liah runs an incredibly informative Youtube channel with some wonderful tips about proper skin care, from what products are best for hydration to routines for dry skin and how to get rid of acne naturally. Look after your skin with Liah!

Jenn Kim


There’s nothing that Jen can’t do! As an Australian-Korean beauty Youtuber, she also does TV reporting and entrepreneuring. Her videos are based around Korean beauty, makeup and her favourite products. Jen even takes her viewers shopping to Korea’s most popular beauty shops.

Joan Kim


Joan is a Korean-American living in Seoul, Korea. She has some incredible videos about her life in Seoul, Korean skincare and fashion. If you’re ever unsure about a good nighttime skincare routine, Joan has you covered!



Renee is a skincare expert, with numerous videos about face zone masking, hair and scalp care routines and budget-friendly skincare products. Have a question about improving your skin? Renee is the best to ask!

Roseanne Tangrs


Roseanne brings her best beauty tips and tricks to us from Singapore! Not only does she cover makeup and beauty techniques, Roseanne also has videos makeup shopping, travelling and gives an insight into her daily life in Singapore.


Soo Beauty 수뷰티

Soo is on a mission to share Korean beauty with the whole world! She has some great videos on skincare for oily and combination skin, along with the best and worst of certain beauty brands. Her honesty towards beauty standards is really refreshing!


Diane 다이앤

Diane is a super sweet Youtuber with lots of great makeup tutorials, some specially for hooded eyes. She also has tons of haul videos from places like YesStyle, Shein and Stylekorean. She’s so well-liked that even a video about her daily products in her backpack is hugely popular.

Lily 한별


From California, Lily is a Korean-American bringing her own twist to makeup, beauty and fashion. Her video about 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine is hugely popular (and genuinely very well-done), making her a real contender in Korean skincare!



Sichen has an never-ending playlist of makeup ideas and tutorials, guaranteed to interest millions of viewers. Sichen shares makeup styles like soft grunge and even ideal makeup looks for those who wear glasses. A look for everyone!



Fei has some really unique makeup tutorials, like the differences between Korean and Indonesian makeup, V-Line face shape makeup tutorial and makeup tricks for people who wear glasses. She also looks into the differences between Asian and Western makeup trends and different tips for both styles.

From Head To Toe


Jen is the creative mastermind behind From Head To Toe, a channel devoted to beauty, makeup and her daily life. Jen has some great everyday makeup tutorials, from holiday glam looks to clean spring tutorials, along with personal stories about being a mother.

Denise Lim

Denise Lim

As a Malaysian New Zealander, Denise brings her own creativity to her product reviews and Kpop inspired looks. Denise also shares her love of sneakers with her viewers, from Nike to ADIDAS.



Angel from Beautifymeeh creates videos about Korean makeup, fashion and beauty and even has hair tutorials and product reviews. Angel also has some great tutorials for beginners, like how to put on false eyelashes and how to use eyeliner.

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