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Why Do I Get a Red Face When Drinking (Caucasians get Asian Flush?)

If you’ve experienced negative symptoms while drinking alcohol, including a bright red face, you might have turned to the internet to understand your symptoms. Often times, this negative reaction to alcohol is called Asian Flush. But what if you experience this symptoms as a Caucasian? While this condition is typically called Asian Flush because it […]

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Asian Glow

If you suffer from Asian Glow, or Asian Flush, enjoying a night out with friends can be tough. You have your first drink and suddenly your head starts pounding and your face turns bright red. Your cheeks are hot, and getting hotter as you get embarrassed from people looking at you. So how can you […]

ALDH2 Deficiency Test - How to Test for Alcohol Intolerance

If you’ve had negative reactions to drinking alcohol, you might have wondered if you’re experiencing an allergic reaction. However, it’s likely you may have a liver deficiency, or dealing with an intolerance to alcohol. Here you’ll learn how to test for alcohol intolerance and what to expect with an ALDH2 deficiency test. There are a […]

Can You Be Allergic to Alcohol?

If you've ever eaten something and then had a negative reaction, such as hives or laboured breathing, it's pretty clear that you're having some kind of allergic reaction to the food. So if something similar happens when you drink alcohol, does that mean you're allergic? The simple answer is: probably, no. Although it's possible, being […]

The 17 Best Asian Beauty Youtubers

With hours of videos uploaded to Youtube every second, and dozens of skincare products launching every week, we have a tough time keeping up with it all. So to make things a little easier for ourselves, we compiled a list of 17 of our favourite beauty YouTubers we rely on for tips, tricks, and inspiration. […]

What is Acetaldehyde? Asian Flush Explained

The main reason you turn red when you drink alcohol is because of a chemical called acetaldehyde. However, there are numerous sources of this chemical that can upset the human body. It can be found in certain foods (such as fermented food), alcohol, cigarette smoke and gasoline. Unfortunately, it’s even found in the air. But […]

Want to Hide a Red Face From Alcohol? The Best Makeup For Asian Glow

If you experience a bright red face from drinking alcohol, potentially alongside other annoying symptoms, chances are you’re dealing with Asian Glow or Asian Flush. Both of these conditions are the same thing and happen when you drink and cannot break down alcohol properly. So how can you prevent Asian Glow? A simple and fairly inexpensive way […]

How To Avoid Getting an Alcohol Headache

Many of us have suffered from headaches after drinking alcohol. But what really is an alcohol headache? Many people who deal with migraines or chronic headaches can be more sensitive to alcohol than others. Even a small amount of alcohol can be a headache trigger in these people. For others, you might experience the odd […]

Asian Makeup Tutorials | Get the best look for your skin

We all enjoy trying out some new makeup or skincare products, but it’s best to get items tailored to your skin type. Just like picking a new hairstyle, or pair of glasses, you need to consider what looks best on you personally. For those of Asian decent, getting the best makeup look relies on picking […]

Do I have Asian Flush? The most common Asian Flush Symptoms

Have you heard about Asian Flush, or Asian Glow, but aren’t sure if that’s what you’re experiencing? Here’s the most common Asian Flush symptoms and ways to identify this condition. Asian Flush Symptoms Of course, everyone experiences Asian Flush in their own way, but many people experience these symptoms when drinking alcohol. 1. Red Flushing […]

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