No flushing.
Skin nourishing.

Reset is a tinted moisturiser formulated to stop the redness associated with Asian Glow and alcohol intolerance while being kind to skin.

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What is Reset?

Reset is a light and hydrating tinted moisturiser that works with your natural skin tone to dramatically reduce the appearance of alcohol flushing and neutralise the irritation it causes. 

Stop flushing before it shows

Reset's pigments were selected over dozens of trials with 74 beta testers to get just the right shade of green to counteract flushing without making your skin look too pale.  Once applied it's barely noticeable but carries a big impact against alcohol flush.

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Light but powerful...

With soothing anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce the heat and puffiness caused by alcohol intolerance, Reset is lightweight enough to use under foundation every day, not just when you know you'll need it.

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Our beta testers love Reset

  • "I was impressed by the almost instant soothing it produced for the burning section of my upper chest and just how fast the redness faded!"
    Maria Y.
    Reset Beta Tester
  • "The cream has a surprising texture - almost like a mousse - but was so light I didn't notice it until the point I'd usually be flushing!"
    Sandra X.
    Reset Beta Tester
  • “As a guy I was a little skeptical of wearing 'makeup,' but it's almost invisible once rubbed in and really works to stop me going red.”
    Brendan C.
    Reset Beta Tester
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